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Tennis Tip: Volley Follow Through - YouTube. Tennis Tip: Volley Follow Through. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your...

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The follow through is the finish to your stroke and, even though you've already hit the ball, the follow through is extremely important to ensuring that you hit the ball properly. Follow through is what your tennis instructor means when he or she tells you to finish with the racket in front, or finish with the racket high, or finish with the racket up and over your shoulder.

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Forehand Volley Follow-through . The follow-through of a forehand volley is just a short continuation of your forward motion. Forehand Volley Techniques and Tactics . Forehand Volley Tip #1 . The most common reason why many tennis players hit a long forehand (outside balls) volley shots is because they tend to pivot their elbow or wrist when they hit the ball.

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The racquet face is slightly open and produces a little under spin, making contact between the shoulders. You want to make contact just before your arm straightens out completely which leaves you with a minimal follow through after contact.

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Follow through in the direction you want to send the ball. Then get back into the centre of the court as quick as you can ready for the next shot. Don't worry if you get passed or lobbed a few...

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Functionally, the internal rotator musculature must accelerate the upper arm in the swing to impact, before the external rotators eccentrically contract to decelerate this rotation during the follow through phase of the action.

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Follow through: Portion of a swing after the ball is hit. Foot fault: Type of service fault in which a player, during the serve, steps on or over the baseline into the court before striking the ball. A foot fault may also occur if the player steps on or across the center hash mark and its imaginary perpendicular extension from the baseline to the net.


3. Keep backswing and follow through short 4. Go to the ball – keep the action in front of you 5. Be patient – don’t rush your shot 6. Be light on your feet – ready to attack 7. Grip the paddle firmly – not tightly 8. Adjust the paddle angle. If the ball is coming in to you high, slightly close the face of the paddle.