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Kuroko's Basketball: Last Game. Kuroko's Basketball: Last Game - NG-shuu. Kuroko's Basketball: Let's Do That Again. Kuroko's Basketball: NG-shuu. Kuroko's Basketball: Oshaberi Demo Shimasen ka. Kuroko's Basketball: Oshaberi Shiyokka. Kuroko's Basketball: Oshaberi Shiyou ka. Kuroko's Basketball OVA.

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Kuroko's Basketball (TV Series 2012–2015) - IMDb

Kuroko's Basketball: With Kenshô Ono, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Yuki Ono, Hirofumi Nojima. The Teiko Middle School Basketball Team. The school that produced three perfect seasons in a row, with five once-in-a generation players, called "The Generation of Miracles." There was another player who all of them respected...

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Athlete. Basketball Player. High School Student. Teenager. jp. Masayuki SHOUJI. en. Jon ALLEN. Koji HIRAIWA.

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Voice cast Generation of Miracles. Liam O'Brien: Seijūrō Akashi; Troy Baker: Shintarō Midorima; Yuri Lowenthal: Ryōta Kise; Johnny Yong Bosch: Daiki Aomine; Matthew Mercer: Atsushi Murasakibara; High School Basketball Players Seirin High. Khoi Dao: Tetsuya Kuroko; Travis Willingham: Taiga Kagami; Ian Sinclair: Teppei Kiyoshi; Todd Haberkorn: Junpei Hyūga

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The music for the Kuroko's Basketball anime series were directed by four different composers. Ryosuke Nakanishi, R・O・N, and Alpha Eastman (21-25) were in charge of the first season while Yoshihiro Ike was in charge of the second season. Video games. Three video games based on Kuroko's Basketball have been released.

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This is a list of Kuroko no Basuke characters. Click on the name or the image to go to that character's page.

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Fruits Basket: With Manaka Iwami, Laura Bailey, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Eric Vale. After Tohru is taken in by the Soma family, she learns that twelve family members transform involuntarily into animals of the Chinese zodiac and helps them deal with the emotional pain caused by the transformations.

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It was his pass that led to Sakuragi's buzzer-beating shot, winning the match. Rukawa is later named a member of the All-Japan basketball team. In the anime he is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa in Japanese and Scott McCord in English. Yasuharu Yasuda. Yasuharu Yasuda (安田 靖春, Yasuda Yasuharu) is one of the minor players from Shohoku. Although Hanamichi picks on him (Hanamichi calls him "Yasu"), he is no pushover, as demonstrated when he stood up to Mitsui and Tetsuo when they were ...

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