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Power Layup Drill - Online Basketball Drills

Players learn to shoot a power layup, which can be used when there is going to be contact or when a player is moving fast and needs to gain control before shooting. Drill Setup. Players form two lines, one on each wing.

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How it Works. Place a cone on the right lane line, and have the players form a line, with the first two players holding a basketball. 1st player will sweep, take a hard dribble, come to a jump stop, and go up strong to finish the layup. He will then collect his rebound, and pass the ball to the next player in line without a ball.

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Learn Basketball Layups, Part 3: The Power Layup - stack

A good power layup drill is the Mikan drill, named after George Mikan, the first dominating big man in the NBA. This is a drill all players should do. This is a drill all players should do.

5 Layup Drills You Must Use Next Practice (Full Instructions)

1. Technique Layups How the Drill Works: Players practice performing a layup off 1 step, 2 steps, using one dribble, and then practice full-speed layups from the three-point line. Purpose: Developing great layup technique for all players. It’s important that players learn the basic technique before they use them in practice and games at game pace.

20 Basketball Layup / Finishing Drills for Coaches & Players

Here are a few good interleaving and random layup drills: Cone Grab Finishing Drill. 3 Cone - Groove Finishing Drill. The Arc Finishing Drill. Figure 8 Hook Shots. Wichita State Attack Series. Finishing Moves Off the Pass. Drop Step Dribble - Ballhandling & Finishing. Kyrie Irving Mikan Drill With 12 Variations. 11 Competitive Layup / Finishing Drills

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The Lay-Up: Power Lay-Ups, Reverse Lay-Ups and One-Step Lay ...

Group Exercise: Zig-Zag and 1-on-1 Group Drill: Escaping your Marker and 1 on 1 Group Drills: Shooting on the Spot Group Drill: Get Past your Opponent Group Drill: the Pick and Roll Group Drills: Attacking Without Dribbling Group Drills: The Rebound Group Drill: One-on-One Fast Breaks

X-Out Power Lay-Up Drill (Basketball) - YouTube

The X-Out Power Lay-Up Drill is a great individual drill for developing players footwork and dexterity on ma... Visit www.ozswoosh.com for more basketball tips.

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In this video I show how to shoot a power layup in basketball.http://BallerBootCamp.com/sww --- Free Workouthttp://Instagram.com/ballerbootcamp --- Follow Me...