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Soccer | Definition of Soccer by Merriam-Webster

Definition of soccer. : a game played on a field between two teams of 11 players each with the object to propel a round ball into the opponent's goal by kicking or by hitting it with any part of the body except the hands and arms. — called also association football.

Soccer Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

noun. a game in which two teams of eleven players try to kick or head a ball into their opponent's goal, only the goalkeeper on either side being allowed to touch the ball with his hands and arms except in the case of throw-ins. (as modifier) a soccer player. Also called: Association Football.

Soccer Words | Vocabulary Lists | Merriam-Webster

a player who defends a goal. The goalie jumped to deflect the oncoming ball. header | see definition ». a shot or pass made by hitting the ball with your head. David made a header to score the game-winning goal. kickoff | see definition ». a kick that puts the ball into play (as in football or soccer)

SOCCER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

soccer definition: 1. a game played between two teams of eleven people, where each team tries to win by kicking a ball…. Learn more.

Soccer definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

soccer in American English. (ˈsɑkər ) noun. a game played with a round ball by two teams, usually of eleven players, on a field with a goal at either end: the ball is moved chiefly by kicking or by using any part of the body except the hands and arms.

Soccer Terms Glossary - Soccer America

The word "penalty" has a very specific (and very dramatic) meaning in soccer. It should be applied only to the award of a penalty kick -- i.e., the 12-yard direct free kick taken from the penalty ...

fútbol - Dictionary.com

In Spanish-speaking countries, fútbol is the term for association football, while gridiron or American football is sometimes called fútbol americano. In the United States, football refers to gridiron or American football, while soccer is the term used for association football.