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Zaizen is the only 2nd year regular on the Shitenhoji tennis team. Confirmed in the New Prince of Tennis, Zaizen will be the next captain of Shitenhoji, just as Kaidoh Kaoru and Hiyoshi Wakashi are confirmed to be the next captains of Seigaku and Hyotei Academy respectively. Appearance

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Hikaru Zaizen (財前 光, Zaizen Hikaru) plays as a regular for Shitenhōji, joining in his 1st year after being recruited by the tennis regulars. In the OVA, he tells the Shitenhoji tennis team members that he applied for the school because it was nearby, and that if he had known that it was a school where comedy and laughing was encouraged, he would not have enrolled.

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First Appearance. Volume 29, Chapter 248. Mini-Bio. Tensai Zaizen was originally scheduled to play Doubles 1 with Oshitari Kenya against Seigaku. Right before the match, Watanabe Osamu "dragged" Chitose Senri back onto the team and replaced Kenya with Chitose.

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Zaizen: Yeah, yeah, I’ll do it properly when it’s my turn. Yagyuu: Everyone, I will time you, so please take your places. And… Start! Shishido: Easy peasy! Zaizen: This is nothing. Shiraishi: Oh, they’re pretty fast. Zaizen is doing great. Kenya: Faster Zaizen! Show your true self! Zaizen: Kenya-san, you’re distracting me, so please ...

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This all continued till the day he turned ten, when his mother committed suicide. This was the screwed up life of a boy named Zaizen Hikaru. When his mother died, his aunt took care of him. But his aunt was rarely home, she worked all day, often sleeping in her office. Even when she was home, she would lock herself up in her room with her work.

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Hikaru Zaizen is the only 2nd year regular on the Shitenhoji tennis team. Confirmed in the New Prince of Tennis, Zaizen will be the next captain of Shitenhoji. You are very much like him - You have an acid sense of humor, a unique understanding of human nature and society.

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