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Skill, Strategy, and Passion: an Empirical Analysis of Soccer

We study a game-theoretic model of a soccer match and then evaluate the ability of this model to explain actual behavior with data from 2885 matches among professional teams. In our model, the optimal strategy of a team depends on the current state of the game. When the game is tied, both teams attack. When losing, a team always attacks; when

Soccer Analyst: How to build a Match Analysis Process ...

Game Model 04 min. Lecture 4.7. Match Analysis Cycle 06 min. Lecture 4.8. ... He has a 10 years experience in Soccer Analysis having worked in the Aspire Academy ...

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American Soccer Analysis

May 26, 2021. / Carl Carpenter. This is the second of a series of biweekly articles on American Soccer Analysis analyzing interesting tidbits across the season - both at a team and individual level. As the season continues to heat up, these articles will come at all angles of the game: tactical information, fascinating data quirks, and as well ...

We Have A New Win Probability Model — American Soccer Analysis

In soccer, draws add an additional layer of complexity. Previously, we built and maintained two different sets of models — one to predict wins and the other to predict draws. Our new approach collapses these into a single model, with a few very key distinctions.

American Soccer Analysis

Matthias Kullowatz, American Soccer Analysis’s brilliant math prof turned soccer modeler, has built a new model that values any touch of the ball anywhere on the field in terms of goals. Not just how likely a pass is to lead to a goal, although it does do that. Not just how likely a tackle is to prevent a goal.

Goals Added Model Updates — American Soccer Analysis

Here’s a summary of the models for background: Pre-shot expected goals (xG): this model look at the details of the shot origin location and the circumstances of the... Post-shot expected goals (PSxG): in addition to information about the shot origin and circumstances of the possession,... Expected ...

Tactics Analysis in Soccer – An Advanced Approach

of game analysis, automatic position tracking and net-based pattern analysis, the new concept of SOCCER is presented in two steps: The first part deals with net-based analysis of dynamic processes, oriented in constellations of tactical groups of players. The second part deals with rule based semantics analysis, which

xGoals Explanation — American Soccer Analysis

A more wonky and mathy explanation is below, but here's the basic gist: expected goals (xG) are the number of goals that can be expected to be scored based on where and how a shot was taken. We all know that a shot in the six yard box is more likely to go in than a shot from outside the 18. Similarly, a shot taken with the shooter's foot is ...